Heal | Rebalance | Learn and Grow with Archangel energy

Are you ready to:

find more enjoyment in life ?
secure inner happiness ?
understand yourself better ?
release past attachments?

Listening consistently to our archangel energy infused recordings gives these – and so many more – meaningful benefits to you.


Archangel Energy healing at
your fingertips

Daleen, Archangel Intuitive and Energy Master, has developed a healing technique connecting the energy of 15 archangels of love & light – transferring their beautiful energy to recordings on the reALIGNA app. 


Why would I benefit from reALIGNA ?

Unlock every beautiful facet of your being.

Life is complicated. We often don’t realize how heavily impacted we are by the world around us, our past experiences, our future expectations and so much more. reALIGNA helps you to heal and overcome obstacles such as; addiction, low self esteem, communication barriers, so that you may grow into your authentic self.


How do I use

Stream & Heal

Select recordings based on any challenge you want to overcome, and stream these while sleeping. 
This is when you’re most
receptive to healing.  

Release Addictive Habits

Find yourself over-indulging in food and/or alcohol?

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?

Let go of your attachment to addictive habits and dependency on certain crutches. Feel the love and comfort from within. Experience the true beauty in your present moments.


Are you stressed? Have a hard time seeing things clearly because your emotions get in the way? Does the world seem to be spinning uncontrollably around you?

Establish a sense of calm and a state of balance in the moment.  Tackle life with ease.


Is it difficult to connect with those around you?  Hard to hold a conversation or truly hear what someone else is saying?

Enhance the flow of all forms of communication – including listening skills – helping to form richer, deeper relationships


Is the world feeling a little gray?  Lost your mojo? Having a hard time seeing things through fresh eyes?

Tap into the beautiful, creative space within you. Find inspiration through a renewed sense of energy, clarity and enthusiasm.


Are you a procrastinator? Do you struggle when faced with a new challenge?  Lacking the motivation to get moving indoors and outside?

This recording reframes these challenges in a positive light.  You seek out and tackle more exciting and fun experiences with newfound confidence.


Not feeling as healthy as you’d like?  Do you have ailments holding your enjoyment of life hostage?  Is it difficult finding where or how to improve your sense of well-being?

Balance your body’s own healing ability and the expertise and tools available. Become a healthier you.


Is your relationship with food an unhealthy one?  Do you suffer from a negative self-image?  Have habits you’d like to break?

Heal damaging associations and sensitivities towards nourishment to restore health, vitality and growth.

Online Balance

Does your phone command more of your attention than you’d like?  Does your virtual life take up more time than your real life? Maybe you’re in a toxic online relationship.

Discover realignment with your virtual space and enjoy many aspects of your life changing.  Balance your experiences and choices with your online life.


Do you have a challenging relationship you’re seeking to change?   Wanting to enhance an existing or develop a new connection?

Nurture and love yourself.  Heal connections and build respect with romantic partners, family members and friends.  Find the change you’re looking for.

Release Past Attachments

Are you struggling to release emotional attachments to people and events from your past ? Are you drawn into these past situations with feelings like regret, sadness or resentment. This recording helps you to release these unhealthy attachments including moving on from people who are not in alignment with your love & light energy vibration – and to accept past life connections and experiences as lessons. Listen while sleeping and enjoy being fully present in the moment, while looking forward to a brighter more balanced future.

Toxic Relationship

Feeling like you’ve lost your sparkle due to others’ negative influences? Trying to find a way out of an unhealthy relationship?

Listening to the Toxic Relationships recording grows your love for yourself.  Gain the perspective necessary to see your relationships clearly and implement the changes you desire.  More meaningful relationships naturally occur when you’re being your authentic, unique self.


Having a hard time loving yourself? Struggling to see your inner and outer beauty?  Do you often put the needs of others before your own?

Listen to the Self-Love recordings to experience inner happiness. Believe in who you are and what you’re capable of. Enjoy life on a deeper level, feeling loved and fulfilled.


Do you want the best, but end up settling for less? Does it feel like self-doubt is your default setting? When you look in the mirror, are you seeing how remarkable you are? 

Uncover the true essence and splendor of your being.  Ask for what you want and get it.  Your authentic self awaits your discovery.


Developers of the reALIGNA healing technique

Daleen Rees

Born with psychic abilities, Daleen is granted access to 15 archangels. Over the years she has developed a specialised technique to infuse recordings with their love & light energy, helping many people and the planet heal. 

The 15 Archangels

Through their connection to Daleen, the loving light energy of 15 archangels is present is each of the reALIGNA recordings. Accessing their energy helps you to heal, overcome obstacles, improve your energy flow and many more benefits.  

reALIGNA Success Stories

Our Promise

We are committed to doing everything we can to help people meet their potential and nurture Mother Nature. Which is why 25% of all net profits go to organizations that actively make a difference. By joining the reALIGNA family, you’re impacting the world around you in addition to your own life. Extending healing energy and sharing monetary donations helps every living thing.