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Sleep your way to a peaceful mind with archangel energy infused guided meditation series.

Since embarking on my personal spiritual journey to transform my life, I have conquered mighty mountains. Developing and listening to the reALIGNA sleep meditation series has helped me successfully overcome various challenges which includes fears, phobias, and dependencies on crutches such as alcohol and overeating. I am proud to declare that I now possess a more positive mindset and experience profound inner happiness.

You too can overcome obstacles and many more benefits by regularly listening to reALIGNA’s sleep meditation series.

Combining hours of guided meditation, while connecting your energy vibration through my voice to the energy of 15 archangels which all fuse together is how you are able to reALIGN your entire being with archangel energy. 

reALIGNING is a regular practice – but this is easy to do with reALIGNA as you can listen when you sleep. This is when your energy is more receptive to connecting to archangel energy and reALIGNING happens on a subconscious level. 

Let me explain more about how we connect to archangel energy, how reALIGNA works on an energy level and why we need to listen and reALIGN regularly.

Energy Master, Daleen

Archangel Energy Explained

Archangels are pure energy and exist around us all the time. Connecting to their energy can help us in so many ways along our life journey.

You can feel protected and more connected within yourself and to the earth. You can send archangel healing and unconditional love energy to everyone living around you. You can find more enjoyment in life, release past attachments, and many more meaningful benefits.

Heal through Archangel Energy

Anyone can connect to archangel energy, but not everyone knows how. Through a technique that I have developed – the reALIGNA energy healing technique – I am able to transfer archangel energy via recordings on the reALIGNA app, making this connection to archangel energy easily accessible to you so that you can heal and benefit.   

Your healing journey is personal – everyone will experience unique shifts on different timelines. The common thread is a much deeper connection to yourself and nature, including a greater awareness of the beauty of living.  

Sleep, Stream, Heal: reALIGNA's Approach to Sleep Meditation

Listening to the reALIGNA sleep meditation series while you sleep helps you to reALIGN with archangel energy on a subconscious level. 

When you sleep you are calm relaxed and not distracted by external events or influenced by the energy of other living beings. Its also when you are the most receptive to connecting your energy to the energy of archangels – who guide you through a unique reALIGNING process. 

reALIGNING is something I encourage you to do regularly. 


woman sleeping as a result of the archangels and energy through the reALIGNA sleep meditation app

The importance of regularly reALIGNING for personal growth

Why do you need to reALIGN regularly ?

Imagine a gyroscope with lots of different moving circles that meet in the middle momentarily. This is the ultimate alignment, however, this state is not maintained as there is always movement from a time and energy perspective. 

Think about negative thoughts that you have about your self image, or when self doubt creeps in during the day for example. This negative energy can be cleared but needs to done so regularly as its not a once off achievement. The negative thoughts will continue to surface until the root cause of why they exist in the first place is addressed. 

The same applies to healing your past. Your past is layered and healing these layers is not something that happens after one listening cycle – it is a gradual process that takes time. 

You will notice subtle changes often – and these shifts are profound. 

Heal yourself and the world

When you begin reALIGNING – you begin healing. When you heal you have the opportunity to overcome personal obstacles, learn, grow and have a deeper appreciation for the present moment.

But there’s so much more to reALIGNING your entire being. You simultaneously become more aware and protective of all forms of life in the world around you, which means that as a collective, we have the power to heal our natural earth and everything living by sharing unconditional love. 

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Connect and balance every beautiful facet of your being with archangel energy

reALIGNA’s unique approach to healing through Archangel energy infused meditations gives you the tools to unlock every beautiful facet of your being. It’s time to heal, learn, grow, overcome obstacles and enhance your life and the world around you. If you want to know how truly remarkable you are, simply download reALIGNA – stream then sleep to start your healing journey.


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