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energy master Daleen, the creator of the reALIGNA guided meditation sleep app

Unlock the Power of reALIGNA's Guided Meditation Series While You Sleep

Imagine what you could do or who you could be if you immersed yourself in a guided meditation series for five to eight hours each day. You’d feel amazing, right? Mastering this art would take time, dedication and mental training, and the rewards will be remarkable. A profound sense of calmness, centeredness, and grounding, a feeling of being earthed.

But who actually has 5-8 hours every single day to dedicate to meditation?

I am here to tell you that you can achieve this and more: while sleeping. All it requires is listening to the series of energy sleep meditations I’ve created on the transformative reALIGNA app. 

Through the reALIGNA energy healing technique, your energy connects with archangel energy. This fusion of energy reaches your subconscious state of being, tackling deep layers that need healing – so that you can discover your authentic self.

reALIGNA’s sleep guided meditation series consists of 4 base energy meditations that play in a specific sequence to access your subconscious being. Included is the option of adding a few personal meditations to your playlist to personalize your nightly meditation series.

Journey with me and meet your potential. 

Energy Master, Daleen

Experience the Power of Love and Light Through the Voice of an Energy Master

What sets reALIGNA apart from other healing techniques is the inclusion of all 15 archangels in every guided meditation series recording, led by Energy Master Daleen. As I record the meditations for reALIGNA, I enter a deep state of calm and channel the energies of the archangels. With my eyes closed, I use my clairvoyance to see through my third eye, allowing me to witness the fusion of the archangels’ energies as I channel. I never read from a script, except for the introduction. Each meditation was developed over many months, and provides the unique opportunity to share the unconditional love energy while you sleep.
The resulting fusion of energy creates a unique synergy that makes reALIGNA an exceptional and effective self-help tool. This energy healing technique is unparalleled by any other method available.
guided meditation with energy master Daleen
woman sleeping showing the process of the guided meditation series through reALIGNA's Sleep Meditation App

Discover Inner Harmony and Healing

When you listen to the reALIGNA sleep meditation series, you embark on a transformative journey guided by both the presence of 15 archangels and myself. This journey leads you to reALIGN, a process that brings you back to a place of balance, harmony, and alignment. Through reALIGNING, you can heal from personal challenges, foster inner balance, and facilitate positive change, all contributing to a more centered and harmonious you.

If you’re struggling with challenges like overeating, relying on substances such as alcohol, or seeking recovery from a toxic relationship, immersing yourself in reALIGNA sleep meditations can be a transformative solution. These guided meditation series facilitate a reALIGNING process, enabling you to heal and conquer these issues, leading to a heightened sense of balance and inner alignment, among a multitude of other benefits. These are the identifiable personal challenges you’re consciously grappling with – akin to the tip of an iceberg.

It may seem difficult to understand why you have these attachments and also why you constantly fail when you try to change your life, despite every effort. This is because the root cause is concealed in your subconscious. The foundation of your iceberg.

The reALIGNING process, gently steered by the guidance of 15 archangels, delves into all these layers. While the foundational recordings address your subconscious realm, the personal choice meditations target your conscious self, all working in tandem to foster profound healing and growth.

Begin your Inner Healing with Four Base Guided Meditation Series Recordings

The four guided meditation series –  Core, Energy, Heal and Love tackle the root of your daily life issues, from the very bottom of your iceberg. 

These will automatically appear on your playlist and their particular order is key. This sequence is carefully designed to navigate through multiple layers during your nightly reALIGNING process.   

Below are details about each of the 4 set energy meditations that will play before your personal choices.


You are more than just your body. Your entire being includes: body, heart, mind, soul, energy (like thoughts and desires) and our energy field, feeling more connected to your natural environment.


To protect your Core, the loving energy fusion of 15 archangels can be accessed by listening to the reALIGNA sleep meditations. As you harmonize your being with the energy of the archangels, you will experience an elevated connection with all the living creatures and your environment. You will be able to stay centered, balanced and connected with the earth.

Your energy field will expand, lending to more harmonious connections with people in alignment with you.


You will receive energy protection, which clears and balances the flow of energy. This ensures that spaces and people’s energy you connect with do not negatively affect you. The energy in your field expands and reshapes, attracting more people in alignment with yourself.


Science shows that vibrations of energy are emitted from every living being – from the largest creatures to the smallest atoms, even from plants. Our beliefs, our thoughts, our desires all heavily impact this energy vibration.


Streaming reALIGNA while sleep meditating helps you manage your own energy flow. With help from the loving, healing energy of 15 archangels, a more positive energy is exchanged from and towards our natural environment. A deeper connection with the energy of a place is as important as with the energy of other people. Energy always balances in the shape of eight as energy constantly flow, just like time.

This base meditation is where we as humans give gratitude to our natural environment. The archangels have showed me over many years that their energy is here within our beautiful planet, to help everything living on earth, not just humans. We give this gratitude by asking the archangels to share their unconditional loving, light energy, with our natural planet and people we are close to. By opening yourself to giving love, you therefore open yourself with energy balance, to receive love.

We have the freedom to explore what works for us. I opted for fifteen archangels because I sensed their loving and protective energy. I recognized that their ever-present unconditional love energy was here to make a positive difference on our planet.


reALIGNA means to reALIGN and constantly balance your entire being with archangel energy. We do this to accept their unconditional love into our lives and when love grows from within, we become the best version of ourselves. Our authentic self.

the guided meditation series illustrated with an iceberg and the steps to heal
iphone screen images of an iceberg showing how you can meditate while awake and use realigna's guided sleep meditation app while you sleep

Transform Your Sleep Experience with Personalized Meditations - Discover the Power of Self-Care

By using the reALIGNA App, you have the option to customize your own playlist of guided meditations. After the four base meditations, your nightly streaming session will be filled with the ones that you personally selected.

It is recommended to choose two or three of these Personal Meditations and stay with your playlist for as long as it takes to shift and heal. Some difficulties I overcame in three months, the deeper emotional wounds took a year or more.

Below are a list of available personal sleep meditations that you can add to your playlist. 

After two weeks, you will notice a difference. Keep streaming and enjoy getting to know your authentic self, whilst sleep meditating with me, Daleen, and 15 archangels of love and light.


Are you feeling anxious and stressed? Does life seem to lack a happy balance?


Listening to the anxiety sleep meditation will help you feel more centered in present moments, by balancing past experiences with future expectations.


Are you stressed? Do you struggle to see things clearly because your emotions get in the way? Is the world spinning uncontrollably around you?


Establish a state of calm and a sense of balance in the moment, so that you can tackle life with ease.


Do you find it challenging to connect with those around you? Is it hard to hold a conversation or truly hear what someone is saying?


Enhance the flow of all forms of communication, including listening skills, to develop meaningful connections.


Is the world feeling a little grey? Have you lost your mojo? Are you struggling to see things through fresh eyes?


Tap into the beautiful, creative space within yourself and find inspiration and a renewed sense of energy, clarity and enthusiasm.


Are you stuck in a procrastination rut? Are you struggling to take on new challenges? Do you lack motivation to exercise and get outside? 


This recording can help you see the positive in these challenges so you seek out and tackle more exciting, fun experiences with confidence.


Do you take strain with your physical health? Do you have ailments that impact your enjoyment of life? Is it hard for you to see which way to turn to improve your well-being?


Find the balance between your body’s own ability to heal itself and the available expertise and tools around you, to help you on your way, to a healthier you.

Healthy Eating

Are you suffering from issues with your self-image? Is your relationship with nutrition an unhealthy one? Do you have habits that you’d like to break?


Heal negative associations and sensitivities towards nourishment to find balance, vitality and growth. 

Love Relationship

Do you have a challenging relationship with a loved one and are seeking change? Would you like to enhance or develop a connection?


Nurture and love yourself, while you heal connections and build respect with romantic partners, family members, or friends, and find the change you’re looking for.

Online Balance

Are you struggling to pull yourself away from your phone? Does your online life take up more of your time than your actual life? Are you in a toxic online relationship?


Listen to this recording and feel in alignment within your virtual space.


Enjoy seeing aspects of your life change while you find the balance between your own choices and adventures – and that of your online experience.

Positive Mindset

Your mind is connected to a vast system of vibrant thought. Tap into unconditional, universal love – unlimited possibilities. Feel negativity float away. Choose your thoughts. Let go of your past, trust what is to come and open yourself fully to the gifts of the moment. Gratitude is a fast track to happiness. 

Release Negative Crutches

Do you find that you’re over-indulging in food or alcohol? Are you looking for support in the wrong places?


Let go of your attachment to negative habits or a dependency on particular crutches and feel the love and comfort from within, while experiencing the true beauty of your present moment.

Release Past Attachments

Are you struggling to release emotional attachments to people and events from your past ? Are you drawn into these past situations with feelings like regret, sadness or resentment.


This recording helps you to release these unhealthy attachments including moving on from people who are not in alignment with your love & light energy vibration – and to accept past life connections and experiences as lessons.


Listen while sleeping and enjoy being fully present in the moment, while looking forward to a brighter more balanced future.


Do you struggle to see the beauty of who you are, inside and out? Do you often put other people’s needs above yours?


Listen to Self-love to experience inner happiness and enjoy your life on a deeper level, feeling loved and fulfilled.

Toxic Relationship

Do you feel like you’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship? Do you feel like you’ve lost your sparkle due to others’ influences?


Listen to the Toxic-relationships recording to experience self-love and to enable you to see your relationships with a different perspective.

Clear thinking will allow you to make the necessary changes and attract more meaningful relationships whilst you being your authentic, unique self.

Unlock the Power of Your Mind: How Meditating Can Transform Your Mental State

In addition to the features already included in the app, you’ll have access to daily meditations – providing extra support during your healing process

These guided meditations help open your intuition through sunrise meditations to become better acquainted with each archangel. 

Chose one that you relate to in that moment and feel the unconditional love of the archangels surround you. 

man lying on the grass listening to guided meditations from the reALIGNA sleep meditation app
energy healer thumbprint showing the colors of all the archangels reALIGNA's sleep meditation app connects with

Meet the team behind the app ?

reALIGNA’s unique approach to healing through Archangel energy infused meditations gives you the tools to unlock every beautiful facet of your being. It’s time to heal, learn, grow, overcome obstacles and enhance your life and the world around you. If you want to know how truly remarkable you are, simply download reALIGNA – stream then sleep to start your healing journey.


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