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Addiction has the same root

When I first asked the archangels how best to help people with their various addictions, I was initially surprised to learn that they all have the same root and I needed to make just one recording for all of them. This recording was made available on our App in April and we’ve had some very positive results.


I was fully preparing myself for many recordings in what I thought would be the addiction series; I couldn’t see what over- or under-eating had to do with addiction to alcohol or other things like drugs. But then the archangels showed me in a beautiful way how everything we do that’s negative for our bodies and lifestyle is like a crutch we are leaning on to hold us up due to our unhealed emotional wounds. Some of these wounds have been there since early childhood and are instilled in us as programming. It has become our default setting. A reflex.


It takes time to heal these wounds that have been with us for so long. The longer we’ve been wrapped around them, the longer it takes to unwrap. Which is why we refer to reALIGNA as a journey. It takes time to heal, just as it took time for each wound to form.

Each and every obstacle someone wants to overcome is personal to them and healing will happen in a way and at a time perfect for each individual, depending on how deep the wounds are.

The trauma from my own early childhood took years to heal.


The most beautiful thing I learned from developing the archangel-infused addiction recording was the power of self-forgiveness. During the six months it took to make, I was shown that we need to look at ourselves as we were younger – before the age of seven – and forgive ourselves now for what we couldn’t have changed back then. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, our subconscious mind is mostly programmed before the age of seven and the majority of our day to day decisions are made on the subconscious level.

Many of us struggling with addiction want to change, yet willpower isn’t enough. Our conscious minds alone don’t have the strength to overcome the early programming ingrained within us, or the obstacles that have become a part of our daily lives. Like weeds on a path, unless you pull them up from the root, they’ll continue to grow back.


Listening to reALIGNA archangel infused recordings while you sleep gets to the root of addiction. Deeper healing comes while we sleep, when access to the subconscious is granted and help from fifteen archangels of love and light is given.


The tender healing of our past – including past lives – is made possible by looking back as if through a waterfall that represents LOVE.

Water, the archangels showed me, always represents love. We do not change our past by reALIGNING while we sleep, we simply understand it better. The good memories begin to outnumber the negative ones. Past lessons are recognized and appreciated and self-love grows for the person one is today.

It’s like a soft, gentle review of the past where you get to keep the best parts, while coming to terms with all that you couldn’t change. 

Addiction is a harrowing, often longstanding, personal affliction. Anyone battling it knows it takes a lot of strength not to step over the line.

reALIGNA is a powerful tool, making the healing journey easier and giving us a greater chance of success. Everybody deserves to enjoy their own authentic, amazing, inner self. A difficult past or past life can make you want to lean on crutches like addictions. But your beauty and strength has resided within you all along.

Start your two-week free trial and overcome the obstacles keeping you from connecting to your authentic, beautiful self with the help of fifteen archangels of love and light.

Select the ADDICTION recording as your personal recording and let reALIGNA and the archangels help with the rest. 

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