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Daleen, Energy Master - My Story

Energy Master Daleen dancing in the sunset

Developing my psychic gift to discover the unknown.

As an energy master, my journey began with curiosity, determination, and a natural talent for exploring the unknown. Developing intuitive abilities wasn’t an instant revelation; it was a learning journey. I started as a child and picked it up again in 2006 when I first encountered archangels – a decision my soul made in this lifetime. Now, I understand that energy has the power to bring about significant changes. However, like many others, I initially struggled to understand and control the energy around me.

I possess exceptional gifts as an archangel intuitive and energy master, not solely due to being born with psychic talents. Developing and understanding my intuitive side has been the most extensive and enduring journey of my life – one that fills me with immense pride. I’m delighted that I enthusiastically accepted the invitation to explore the spiritual and energy realm.

I’m continually learning and expanding with the archangels, much to my surprise, since our first connection in 2006.

Now, looking back, I joke with them now, ‘If you had shown me all this when I first saw you, I wouldn’t have ever started.’

Although I possessed a natural psychic gift, I didn’t grasp how to harness or utilize it. My desire to control this energy interference motivated me to develop my gift by seeking guidance from the archangels.

Daleen – Energy Master

Embarking on my spirituality journey.

My specialty is harnessing energy, thanks to the powers of my intuition which I’ve nurtured over the years. Moreover, by injecting the unfailing love of the Archangels into all my endeavors, I can effortlessly influence the direction of the energy around me.

Honestly, I didn’t understand spirituality—even though I saw archangels every day—until I embarked on my personal journey of change.

Spirituality is a lot simpler than I thought. It’s the act of continuous self-assessment. By checking in with yourself, you identify what needs to change. Spirituality is simply taking a long hard look at your life and finding balance with what works.

We are free to discover what works for us. I selected fifteen archangels because I sensed their loving and protective energy. I understood that their continually giving energy was here to make an impact on our planet. I still have big dreams for that.

Energy Master Daleen reading
Energy Master Daleen leaning on a fence

Why is an iceberg such a big symbol in reALIGNA?

In 2016 I was very unhappy with my life. I wanted to change many things, but being aware of my problems wasn’t enough. Now, I needed to know how to fix them. This initiated Theory of Alignment—how to be balanced and happy every day. Which evolved into reALIGNA.

Months spent with the archangels revealed a profound truth – my conscious mind merely touched the surface of the iceberg. Submerged below were the subconscious programming of my childhood and past lives, influencing my behaviors. To stop overeating, as one of my goals was to loose weight, I would need to heal on many levels.

Balance and happiness became attainable through reALIGNA. The archangels unveiled the significance of “re” in front of Align, signifying the need to realign when life throws us off balance. By constantly harmonizing with archangel energy, we invite their unconditional love into our lives, allowing love to grow within us, leading us to become our authentic selves.

Throughout my own spiritual journey, I encountered profound challenges and underwent significant changes. These experiences inspired the development of the reALIGNA Energy Healing Technique. Utilizing this technique, I conquered phobias, addictions, and found balance with my weight. I remain deeply grateful for the loving energy I receive from the archangels through reALIGNA sleep meditations, as it facilitated these changes effortlessly over time.

An Energy Healing App was Born

Balancing (reALIGNMENT) has beautiful effects, especially after a tough day. Just imagine how revitalized you would feel after six to eight hours of meditation – that’s precisely what we achieve with reALIGNA sleep meditations.

To change and heal my many layers, including the traumas I’ve faced, the archangels showed me the way. They guided me to connect with their energy, engage in self-dialogue, and drift into slumber.

Understanding the importance of capturing this process, I began making recordings while channeling archangel energy. The results surpassed all expectations, leading to remarkable growth and healing.

After years of rigorous testing, the reALIGNA App emerged. I’m filled with gratitude for my friends turned business partners – Claire Starkey and Ieva Barroso – as well as my close family, Lorraine, and Cerys. They believed in me long before others acknowledged my potential as an energy master.

One person stands out as a soul contract in my development: Ewan Rees. He bestowed upon me the precious gift of time with the archangels and unwavering support. Unlike many intuitive individuals, who often lack time and financial resources, I had the opportunity to evolve as I did. Eternally grateful to Ewan Rees for his pivotal role in my journey.

Energy Master Daleen recording the sleep mediations for reALIGNA
Energy Master Daleen sitting on the floor smiling

Nurturing Intuitive Souls: My Passion in Teaching Others

Teaching the incredible lessons I have gathered from the archangels is something I take pleasure in doing. Each individual has a unique and special need when exploring the realm of natural energy healing

Sharing my passion for teaching others how to tap into their intuition is my calling. I believe that by doing so, we can connect with our past lives and unlock our true potential

My videos teach how archangel energy can help us transform and improve our lives. I continuously make new archangel energy-filled recordings (sleep meditations), and hope that my curious mind, combined with my natural psychic gift, will make a massive difference in many people’s lives.

The Heal the Earth recording is a personal choice for me and very close to my heart. The archangels often show me the dire state of our natural environment.

Energy Master Trance Space Work and Energy Alchemy Explained

Every second day, I embrace the role of an energy master, forging profound energy connections. Within my clairvoyant and energy space, I dedicate two to three hours, immersing myself in the realm of heightened perception and profound energetic influence.

Training my brain to concentrate for such extended periods took many years of dedication. That’s why I incorporate dancing while working with archangels. Not only is dancing fun and joyful, but it also puts me in an incredibly happy mindset while doing my energy work, always operating from a space of love.

For many years, I wholeheartedly devoted myself to energy alchemy, a way to connect and share energy with the archangels and other loving forces of light. It all started as a personal endeavor, with fifteen archangels and myself coming together to infuse love into the natural world. This powerful collaboration resulted in profound healing effects that were beyond measure.

energy master daleen dancing on the water at sunset

More Energies Joined Me to Help Our Natural Planet

As my journey continued, more energies came to help us (myself and the 15 archangels).

Vividly etched in my memory is the day I first witnessed the energy of extinct animals. Awe-struck, I found myself standing in a crater-like space, encircled by animals, predominantly dinosaurs, who appeared as if summoned to aid me in my work. Though initially taken aback, my apprehension soon dissolved when I comprehended their presence was merely that of helpful assistants.

By joining with source energy—some may call it God—I form a bond with the combined energies of the sun, moon, and earth. My connections also extend to those who lived in ancient times, like ascended masters such as Jesus and Buddha, as well as to the powerful energy of Atlantis. Every time I use my skills as an energy master to bring peace, love, kindness, and aid to our planet and the people in it, I feel proud to know that these energies are joining me in the effort. With this connection, I’m able to achieve the seemingly impossible, alchemy.

I’m thrilled for the future as every person streaming reALIGNA while awake or sleep meditating, will be sharing positive love and light energy with their loved ones and the natural environment. As a collective, we can make a huge difference, especially in our oceans and rainforests. 

Guided by Archangels: Forever Grateful on My Learning Journey

I’m thrilled for the future as more and more individuals stream reALIGNA while awake or sleep meditating. Through this, they will be sharing positive love and light energy with their loved ones and the natural environment. Together, we hold the power to make a huge difference.

When I opened my third eye to connect with the energy of the archangels, a powerful truth unfolded before me. It became evident that many people were in dire need of help. As time went on, my awareness expanded to include the struggles faced by animals, rainforests, coral reefs, and the vast ocean – including whales, dolphins, domestic farm animals, and countless others. All of them were in significant need of assistance.

With reALIGNA and my dedicated energy work, I’m filled with hope that my intuitive discoveries will truly make a difference. I long for people to eventually grasp the profound benefits we can all reap through the grace and kindness of archangels. Throughout my transformative learning and discovery journey, I remain immensely grateful for the unwavering presence and support of the archangels.

Energy Master Daleen smiling at the camera

reALIGNA’s unique approach to healing through Archangel energy infused meditations gives you the tools to unlock every beautiful facet of your being. It’s time to heal, learn, grow, overcome obstacles and enhance your life and the world around you. If you want to know how truly remarkable you are, simply download reALIGNA – stream then sleep to start your healing journey.

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